At LSU, I teach courses about early American literature, literary & cultural perspectives on landscape and the environment, digital humanities, archives, and more.

In addition, I have co-led the pedagogical training for Council on Library & Information Resources (CLIR) Postdoctoral Fellowship Program since 2008, which includes teaching an annual summer seminar. The seminar introduces new fellows in disciplines across the humanities, social sciences, and sciences to developments in libraries, digital humanities, and data curation in order to open up a wide landscape for working with the structure and organization of, and access to, scholarly information and resources.  With my co-teacher Elliott Shore, I have written about our “Postdoctoral Pedagogy.”

I direct a group of talented LSU graduate students in our collaboratively built digital edition of The Broadway Journal, a nineteenth-century literary magazine edited by Edgar A. Poe, among others. (Site in progress.)

Recent courses taught at LSU include:

Utopia/Dystopia: Studying the Ideal in the Humanities and Social Sciences (Liberal Arts 7900, graduate seminar, Spring 2017)

Text+: An Introduction to Digital Humanities (English 7221, graduate seminar, Spring 2016)

English Graduate Studies Proseminar (English 7020, graduate seminar, Fall 2015 & Fall 2014)

Environmental Humanities: Discovering Place (Liberal Arts 7900, graduate seminar, Spring 2015)

American Literature I (English 3070; undergraduate survey; Fall 2016)

Early American Eco-Texts (English 7974, graduate seminar, Fall 2013)

Publishing in the 21st Century: New Publishing Initiatives, Digital Media, & New Digital Platforms (English 8900, graduate independent study, Spring 2012)

Poetics & Theory of the Archive (English 7221, co-taught with Professor Laura Mullen’s English 7007 poetry workshop; graduate seminar, Spring 2011)